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nasty juice

Nasty Shisha

Nasty Shisha

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Nasty Juice needs no introduction, these 50ml shortfill E-liquids from Nasty are just brilliant and must be tried by vapers.

Lemon Mint

Juicy citrusy lemon, the classic taste of sour lemonade combined with a bit of sweet minty cold sensation. A perfect balance of mint and lemon.

Grape Raspberry

Ripe grapes were used to get the fruity and earth taste, mixed with fresh sweet raspberry. Together they are like libra, a perfect balance of sweet and freshness.

Green Grape

Imagine biting into a juicy red apple. Now double the bite with a hint of sour, juicy green apple. A perfect mix proven in the history of shisha.

Lemon Mint

Combination of Mango and Grape will both create a new unique and exotic kind of flavour that will electrocute your tongue and tingle your taste buds.

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