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Crown IV Tank By Uwell Sapphire Blue

Crown IV Tank By Uwell Sapphire Blue

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UWELL Crown 4 IV is the ultimate flagship vape tank structure, introducing a new line of Crown coils with materials improvements, a simplified threaded top-fill system with 2mL maximum capacity, and a striking visual design. The Uwell Crown 4 presents a brand new patented self-cleaning technology within the atomizer core of the new Crown line of coils, absorbing excess e-juice into a condensation holder for later vaporization during usage. This helps reduce on wasted e-juice and lessens the need to clean the detachable structure of the tank.

In addition, within the atomizers is the patented Pro Flavour Core Optimization System, or Pro-FOCS for short. This system recycles the in-taken air twice through the core of the atomizer to saturate the recycled draw with additional flavour from the vaporized e-juice. Also, the Crown IV Tank hosts a simplified quarter-turn threaded top fill system for faster refills and less downtime between cloud chucking sessions. Furthermore, the Crown 4 has a visually striking design, being hand-polished and knurled at the top and bottom ends, making airflow manipulation and unscrewing of the top fill system even easier.

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